BePunctual – Class Attendance Tracking System for Schools

Benefits of School Class Attendance System

Easy and Fast to Setup

Easy to use by your teachers and office personnel.

Save time

  • It cuts down the time to mark student class attendance.
  • Class attendance no longer need to be manually submitted to the school office.
  • Student attendance can be track instantly.

Save Money & Go Green

No more class attendance sheets.

Emergency Ready

During an emergency, you instantly can check your student attendance and print emergency evacuation lists instantly.

Easily Scalable

You can deploy as many class attendance marking stations as you need across your network, one per class. These stations can be configured remotely and centrally on the server computer.


The system data is stored on a separate network computer separate from those that are use for marking class attendance.
Fingerprint sign in can be implemented if necessary.

Elegantly Designed & Customizable User Interface

Unlike other school class attendance systems, BePunctual school class attendance system is designed so elegantly that it helps to promotes a professional corporate image. You can even customize the look to your corporate image.

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