BePunctual – Employee Time and Attendance Tracking System for Schools


Improve Productivity and Efficiency

With BePunctual, school administrators can easily consolidate staff worked hours and generate attendance reports. With accurate time and attendance tracking, pay processes can be streamlined.

To add to the cost savings, BePunctual do not require additional hardware installation. With its built-in basic accounting, payroll and leave features, there is no need to buy additional accounting payroll and leave tracking software.

Accurate and Reliable

BePunctual accurately tracks staff reporting times and knock off times, so that the exact pay can be calculated.

Easy to Use

Just like all Aquarius Soft products, BePunctual is very easy to learn and use by administrators, teachers and staff.You will save on training sessions and workshops.

Instantly track staff time and attendance

Department heads and supervisors can use BePunctual to monitor employee time, attendance and punctuality. Instantly check who’s not in, who’s in and who’s out today on the punch station software.

Get attendance status from any location

BePunctual is accessible from any location with internet access, or you can deploy at different computers in your network.

Prevent Buddy Punching

One main problem of paper systems is that of buddy punch, i.e. staff asking another person to punch in/out for him. With BePunctual, you can install a webcam to capture a photo of the staff when the staff is punching in/out.

Built-in Accounting Payroll Functions

BePunctual comes integrated with simple yet comprehensive employee accounting payroll functions.

Built-in Leave Records

BePunctual records and accounts for staff leave (paid and no pay leave). Anstaff’s leave status is also displayed on the Who’s In/Out view.

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