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What Our Customers & Users Say

“We at UCCI where in need of a way to track our interns time. Seeing as all the staff are salary we had nothing in place. I found BePunctual by using Google and downloaded the free trail. The software was very good, but needed a few tweaks to be perfect for us. We worked with Robin and within two weeks all our needs where meet and we are very satisfied customers.”

Gregory E. Fiedler
University College of the Cayman Islands
on BePunctual Employee Attendance System

“I have tried your product and it is really working and also fits my school situation”

Alekuea Harry Malologa
Motufoua Secondary School
on BePunctual Employee Attendance System

“it’s is a great piece of software”

Ryan P. Cullen, Director
Louisiana Academy of the Performing Arts
on BePunctual Employee Attendance System

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