BePunctual – School Event Attendance System Speed up your school’s event registration process and track attendance in real time.

Benefits and Features

Speed up Registration Process & Reduce Queues

  1. Efficient registration process: only 5 seconds per user, including printing of event passes.
  2. Check attendance rates in real time, even for multiple registration counters deployed at different locations.
  3. Designed to cater for new registrations on actual day of event, or one-to-one replacement of participants
  4. Reduce manpower requirements through self-service registration counters
  5. Reduce preparation time for event: no need to pre-print event passes

Instantly View and Track School Event Attendance

  1. Instantly check who have arrived and registered
  2. Monitor attendance rates in real time, across multiple registration stations
  3. Search for attendance status of a specific attendee, such as VIPs
  4. Easily import your participant list the day before the event
  5. Print attendance reports for auditing and recording.

Flexible and Customizable

  1. Unlimited signs in stations can be deployed.
  2. Support multiple events at the same time.
  3. Customize the design for your event passes, or add your company logo and branding.
  4. Photo passes supported for enhanced security and personalization.

User Friendly

  1. Very easy to setup, learn and use
  2. No technical knowledge required for event receptionists
  3. Self-service registration counters can be implemented

Go Green

  1. No wastage of print, since passes are only printed for attendees who are present.
  2. Eliminate multiple print copies of attendance, for events with several registration sites.
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