BePunctual – Visitor Management System Speed up visitor registrations & enhance building security.

Benefits of BePunctual Visitor Management System

User-friendly and Easy

BePunctual user-friendly interface makes it easy for your receptionist, security personnel and visitors. Visitors can even perform self-registration and sign in/out.

Save Time& Reduce Queues

Registration times are drastically cut down, and long queues at your reception are eliminated.

Save Money

BePunctual do not require expensive hardware investment. In addition, you will eliminate paper-based log books & administrative costs.

Emergency Evacuation

During an emergency, you can check your visitors’ sign in and out status and print emergency evacuation lists instantly.

Easily Scalable

You can deploy as many visitor registration stations as you need across your network. These stations can be configured remotely and centrally on the server computer.

Elegantly designed User Interface

Unlike other visitor management systems, BePunctual visitor management system is designed elegantly to promote a professional corporate image.


BePunctual is customizable to fit your corporate image and branding.

Secure and Safe

The system data can be remotely stored on a separate network computer for additional security.

Works in any environment and events

Works in companies, schools, membership clubs, condominium, car parks etc. For events, you can pre-register your attendees for faster sign in on the day of the event.

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