BookingPal – Resource Booking and Room Reservation System Instantly book, manage and track the usage of your meeting rooms, classrooms, conference facilities, studios or equipment.

BookingPal is a subscription-based online resource booking & meeting room reservation service. It lets you instantly book, manage and track the usage of your meeting rooms, classrooms, conference facilities, studios or equipment.


Benefits & Features

Reduce Costs & Improve Productivity

With BookingPal resource booking system, you can reduce your overhead administrative costs. Everyone from staff to customers can easily book a room without a going through the receptionist or IT department.

BookingPal can be used for managing:

  • Meeting Rooms, Conference facilities, projectors and audio-visual equipment
  • Classrooms, reading rooms and laboratories
  • Tennis courts, squash courts and sports facilities
  • Appointment bookings for hair salons, clinics and spas
  • Dance studios, exercise classes and gyms
  • Car Park booking and property management

Effectively Manage & Track the usage of your resources

Avoid double bookings and under-utilized resources. BookingPal allows you to view and manage your resources in real time. Streamline the usage of limited resources and rooms.

User-friendly and Easy to use

It allows you to see available time slots at a glance. With BookingPal user-friendly design, you can further reduce training time and costs.

Check availability of meeting rooms even when you are out of office

BookingPal is fully online, allowing remote access from any location. Now you and your staff can book resources and rooms even when you are not in office.

No expensive hardware or maintenance required

An internet access is all you need to get BookingPal up and running.

Set your own Rules and Limits

Customize your rules on a per-resource basis. Set your maximum or minimum time limits etc.

Repeat Bookings & Recurring Reservations

Book a room at the same timeslot every day, or the same day every week. This is all efficiently done with a single booking.

View bookings made by other people

By simply hovering over with your mouse, you can view the detailed contact information of the person who made the booking.

Email Notifications

Receive automated email notifications on your bookings made, cancellation and password retrievals. No more lengthy phone calls to different people.

Customizable and Secure

BookingPal can be customized to manage administrative rights and access controls for different users. Empower your managers and key personnel, while allowing other users limited access.

Go Green

Eliminate manual records that are unproductive and difficult to track. With BookingPal, you can view usage reports instantly, or export the file instead of printing.

Generate Customized Reports & View Statistics

Easily generate a customized report that fits your requirements. Export to a file or Print if needed. Manage and track the usage of your rooms and resources.

Tablet Access

BookingPal support access using your Android tablets and iPad.

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