HeeRee eLeave – Web-Based Employee Leave Management User-friendly, web-based leave management system that effectively replaces paper-based leave forms & records.


Instantly apply leave or check who’s on holiday

Conveniently apply leave from any location, or retrieve leave records instantly.

Supports all types of leave tasks

  • Application of leave by staff.
  • Editing of pending leave by staff.
  • Cancellation of pending leave by staff.
  • Approval/rejection of leave by manager.
  • Editing and re-application of rejected leave by staff.
  • Cancellation of approved leave by staff.
  • Approval/rejection of approved leave cancellation by managers.

Supports full-day and half-day leave applications

HeeRee eLeave supports full-day and half-day leave requirements.

Unlimited number of Employees and Departments

With HeeRee Employee Leave Management, you will have no limit to the number of employees, departments or groups.

Support any paid/no-pay leave types

HeeRee Employee Leave Management support all types of leave, be it no-pay leave or not. You can even create your custom leave types.

Built-in leave types supported includes:

  • Annual Leave
  • Child Care Leave
  • Compassionate Leaves
  • Day off
  • Examination Leave
  • Hospitalization Leave
  • Marriage Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Medical/Sick Leave
  • No Pay Leave
  • Paternity Leave

You can even define your own leave types easily. Each leave type has the following properties:

  • Leave type name and code
  • Paid or no pay leave
  • Need or no need credit to apply
  • Show or do not show in staff leave entitlement page
  • Maximum days per year
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