LobbyPal – Visitor Management System for Schools Speed up visitor registrations & enhance your school security.

Benefits and Features

Efficiently Register Visitors

Replace your inefficient pen-paper visitor log book today. With LobbyPal, you can efficiently screen & identify each visitor.Repeat visitors will enjoy even faster registration.

Track visitors’ Entry & Exit, even with multiple sign-in stations

Check who is within your school premises at any time, or if the guest have left the school.Deploy multiple sign-in stations, or create visitor self-registration stations to reduce manpower needs.

Account for visitors during emergency

During emergency evacuation and fire drills, LobbyPal can easily account for visitors and ensure that safety is not compromised.

Scan visitor IDs or driver licenses, and print visitor badges instantly

LobbyPal supports the scanning of personal ID and driver licenses, or simply sign in with the vehicle registration number. Print visitor badges on the spot & in mere seconds. You can also add a time expiry for temporary badges.

Automatically notify host

Pre-register visitors & automatically inform teacher upon arrival of the visitor.

Design customized badges or add photo ID to your visitor passes

LobbyPal allow you to create photo ID visitor passes for enhanced security and easy identification. You can also design your own badges or add your school’s logo.

View detailed reports and audits

Capture & store visitor information for future audit & retrieval. Instantly print customized reports.

Project a professional image for your school

Your school’s reception is often the first touchpoint for your guests and VIPs. With LobbyPal’s reliability and personalized ID badges, you can create a good impression with your visitors.

User-friendly interface

LobbyPal is specially design to ensure that it’s easy to learn and use, for both your receptionist or security guard.

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