PC Auto Shutdown PC Shutdown Professional - Auto Shutdown Timer Software for your computer

Features and Benefits

Auto shutdown timer works even when PC is in sleep/standby/suspend mode

You can configure up to 10 one-time, daily, weekdays or weekly timers to automatically activate shutdown actions.

And power off, shutdown and reboot will work even if your PC goes to sleep!

This can save you the most electricity as you would not need to have your PC always in full power mode for shutdown to work!

For example, you can activate your PC to go to sleep when you are done with your current work to save power. Then while it is sleeping and the time comes to auto shutdown you system at 7 P.M., PC Shutdown will wake your PC up and perform the shutdown!


  • Sleep, standby and suspend and means the same thing.
  • This feature is PC dependent and only possible for PCs that can go to sleep mode.

Fully supports PC Workstations

Full support for PC workstations that are used by multiple users, like in libraries or offices.

  • Auto shutdown can work even when no user is logged on.
  • Auto shutdown can work when any user is logged on.
  • Auto shutdown can work even when the system is locked.

Automatically power off idle PCs

PC Shutdown allows you to automatically power off idle PCs that has no user activity for some time. This is especially useful for shared PCs.

In addition, it lets you configure the time range when idle shutdown should take place. You may want to enable idle shutdown only after office hours.

Support all shutdown actions

Support the following shutdown actions:

  • Powering off computer
  • Shutting down Windows
  • Rebooting computer
  • Hibernating computer
  • Suspending computer
  • Logging off current user
  • Locking up workstation

NOTE: Shutdown actions supported is PC and Windows version dependent.

Clean up your PC during shutdown

Support options to clean up your PC just before power off, shutdown or reboot.

Clean up actions supported are:

  • clearing the Recycle Bin
  • clearing the Windows’ temporary files folders
  • clearing the recent documents list
  • clearing the Internet Explorer’s temporary files
  • clearing Internet Explorer’s history
  • clearing the Internet Explorer’s cookies, and
  • clearing the AutoComplete typed entries

Removing these files helps you to free up disk space and reduce unused files on your computer and help it run more efficiently. It also can be used as a way to protect your privacy on the PC and Internet.

Personalize Application Look

You can personalize the application look to your preference. You can change its background image and colors.

Click here to see how Kranji Primary School of Singapore customize the look of their PC Shutdown.

Keyboard hotkey support

Fast shutdown action activation: only one keystroke instead of up to 5 clicks of of the mouse. You can set up keyboard hotkeys to instantly activate the shutdown actions.

For example, you can set Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R to activate system reboot

System tray icon for fast mouse access

Double click to run default shutdown action. Right click to access other shutdown actions.

System tray icon can be turn on or off. Enabling the system tray icon allows you to have fast mouse access to the PC shutdown functions. Disabling it will save you system resources.

It also displays the auto shutdown timer status and time when the mouse cursor is positioned over it.

Command line parameter support

This allows you to have other programs trigger shutdown commands at other times or during other events. The command line parameters supported are:

  • /lock
  • /logoff
  • /suspend
  • /hibernate
  • /reboot
  • /shutdown
  • /poweroff

For “forced” shutdown (WARNING! May corrupt data), use:

  • /autolock
  • /autologoff
  • /autosuspend
  • /autohibernate
  • /autoreboot
  • /autoshutdown
  • /autopoweroff

For example, if you need to auto shutdown your PC at different time for different day of the week, you can use our PC Alarm Clock Pro to set the times you want and have PC Alarm Clock Pro triggering shutdown during those times.

Or you may have an application that can trigger an event for a particular condition and you want it to shutdown your PC then, you can also use one of these command line parameter to run PC Shutdown to do the job.

Usage Example:

“C:\program files\aquarius soft\pc shutdown\shutdown.exe” /shutdown

Sound Alert

You can configure to play a sound file during auto shutdown time to alert you of shutting down.

Event Logging

You can enable shutdown event logging for tracking purposes.

Password Protection

Support password protection to prevent other users from changing the PC Shutdown settings or canceling the shutdown.

Although this function can be use to set a time to shutdown your child’s computer to control his time on the PC, we would recommend our PC Lock Up software specifically for this purpose.

It also has the standard set of useful features as in all Aquarius Soft PC software.

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