PC Auto Shutdown PC Shutdown Professional - Auto Shutdown Timer Software for your computer


Aquarius Soft PC Shutdown is a simple, elegant and professional computer shutdown software to

  • power off or shutdown
  • reboot
  • hibernate or suspend,
  • log off, or lock up your PC.

A timer can be configured to automatically activate shutdown actions at a specific time of the day, once, daily, or weekly. Or you set it to automatically shutdown idle PCs that has no user activity for some time. Keyboard hotkeys can be setup to instantly shutdown your PC via the keyboard.

PC Shutdown continues to work even when your PC goes to sleep, saving you more electricity.

You can even automate cleaning up your PC during shutdown! Not only you no longer need those temporary files created at that time, but also your PC will be more efficient on the next boot up.

PC Shutdown can be used for workstations in the offices or public areas, ensuring that these workstations are automatically shut down after office hours.

To remotely shutdown or control your networked PCs in your home, office or cyber cafe, please check out our PC Remote Shutdown solution.

To specifically control the access and usage hours on your PC, such as controlling your child’s time on the PC or preventing others from accessing your PC when you are away, please see our PC Lock Up software here.

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